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Tramonto a Francoforte


The Travel Agency & Tour Operator "FABIO REISEN sas", is a young agency (operating since 2010) which is making room for itself in the wonderful world of tourism, with a gritty and positive spirit to all proposals and initiatives of all kinds, all ´sign of quality, the first rule to be faithful to. It focuses its attention on creating travel packages, weekends at the beach and white weeks, cultural, food and wine and nature trips, both for individuals but above all for school groups, with particular attention to company internship activities.

Each service is personalized on the specific needs of each interlocutor. It provides schools and companies with complete assistance ranging from the drafting of the travel policy to the statistical monitoring of the event, with an approach that allows you to optimize the budget in compliance with the travellers' needs, efficiency and comfort. We work with the most prestigious national and international tour operators, business and holiday travel, taking care of everything from booking tickets to welcoming. We offer top-level facilities, travel consultancy, corporate image consultancy and we prepare every detail and initiative for incentive travel, team building and bonus holidays. We also deal with congress tourism both in Italy and abroad.

They talk about us!

"All good things happen the third time around!
Now that I had to cancel my sold out trip to Sicily twice due to the covid measures, we are planning for the third time based on the chosen date, we are sure it will take place this time.
Who among you would like to accompany me to my old homeland Sicily from May 29th to June 6th?
It will be a nice vacation, away from tourism. You will see where my animals live, my olive trees and where I used to cook. We will make great culinary discoveries, we will have a barbecue together and one evening at my Castle, there will also be a menu that I have prepared for you, just like I used to cook at the Antica Locanda restaurant in Sicily... Join us _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_🙏😊🙌
If you are interested, I would be happy to send you the itinerary and photos of your accommodation.
So don't hesitate too long...we are a nice group and you will always carry these 9 days in your memories...

Chef Christopher Crell

But as soon as you enter it looks like the Policlinico della Porchetta, tidy and functional. «We manage it on loan for use - says Antonino Borrello, president of the consortium - providing services to small producers. They bring us the "mezzene", half pigs already slaughtered in certified structures, and here they can manage all stages of processing and transformation with cutting-edge means». A structure with enormous potential (it can process up to 5,000 hams) which supplies a product of the highest quality. But also profitable for those who raise it: wholesale it is sold on average at 45 euros per kilo, but on the market it fetches prices that fluctuate between 55 and 60 euros, with continuously increasing demand trends on the Italian and foreign markets. And in the background the work of the consortium for the protection of the Nebrodi black pig, set up over ten years ago, which includes not only the University of Messina (faculty of veterinary medicine) but also numerous municipalities in the area. The consortium has adopted «a disciplinary that "governs" a heritage of 110 farms, 3,500 subjects involved and 800 sows».

Sicily - Monday 28 July 2014 Mario Barresi

Phitalia Valley. Galati Mamertino and the other mountain pearls of Messina discovered (and adored) by Italian and foreign visitors

And young people are returning to the village to open tourist businesses Black and foreign pigs the Great Slowness of the "Nebrodi-Shire" 

They lived, happily ever after, in Germany. Work, money, serenity, prospects for children. But then why did Antonio and Romina decide to return to these rugged and fragrant mountains? Out of nostalgia, sure. But also because something is moving in this microcosm of slow life. Here, in the Fitalia valley, a climb-descent between the sea and the Nebrodi, it wouldn't even seem like a sultry weekend in July if there weren't so many "foreigners" roaming the narrow, tidy streets. Here we are in Galati Mamertino, a town-favor and miniature symbol of a new way of doing tourism. And it is for this reason, net of home-sweet-home, that Antonio Basile and Romina Fabio have returned to base. «We deal with "incoming" from Europe, especially Germany and Holland, but soon also France. European tourists of a certain range look for this type of offer, but they don't always find it». And so the couple offers complete packages to small groups of food and landscape gourmands. «Throughout the valley, between gastronomy, traditional events, nature trails and artistic-cultural heritage, there is enough for a stay of at least five days. If we then add that the sea is twenty minutes away, then even a week can be done».
Yes it can be done. Because it's cheap and there are enchanting places to sleep, as well as tiny gourmet cathedrals where you can taste the main product of this valley: the Nebrodi black pig. Proposed in all its facets. After the producers breathed a sigh of relief, overcoming the risk of extinction of a unique breed. "Now there are at least 40-50 reproducers for each farm and in this valley alone there will be 500 heads ready to fly the breed's flag high", admits Vincenzo Pruiti, director of Soat of Castel Umberto. Adding: «The Lord gave us this breed and "blessed" it, now it's up to us to safeguard it in the best possible way». One of the most far-sighted is the salami factory of the Terre dei Nebrodi consortium, which has Slow Food as a partner, in the basement of a building, rather degraded from the outside, owned by the regional agricultural resources department.

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